Thursday, August 18, 2011

iPhone Summer

Before summer haircut...

During...  he actually wanted to keep it like this.  Like an 80s skater dude.

After.  Hey weird face.

Self pics I took in Kauai, Hawaii on our anniversary trip.  Ahhhh...

So, there are these boots.  I originally bought them at Savers years ago for Carrie's cowboy themed baby shower for Joshua.  As centerpieces with flowers.  Kate found them and since they fit... she started wearing them everywhere.  The thing is, she swaggers in them.  All of a sudden, her hand is on her hip and she's sashaying wherever she goes.  I sent this to Josh with a text, "Uh oh, I didn't see her put them on."  It's quite a sight.

We found out that Lowe's (yes, I really do hate Lowe's, but...) has this Build and Grow program every other Saturday.  We've built, nailed and painted a tow truck, binoculars and a boat so far.  Then they get patches!!!  Love it.  And it's free.

The Grand Canyon.  Where I gripped their hands more tightly than necessary.

Kate lost a ton of teeth.  One of her top snaggles is finally coming in.  And I'm still terrible at being the tooth fairy.

Date night!  He looks thrilled.

Swim lessons!!!  The girls showed up in matchers!

 Post swim lessons hair treatment

The End.


mini and brother said...

Big Scott's favorite candy is Woopers. Hahhhhahah I love every picture. Thanks for catching us all up.

Jen said...

Great recap!

Carrie said...

Totally need a video with the boot swagger ... So glad those boots are making a comeback!!