Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Little Story

I was just saying to Holly that I used to tell more stories on this blog... remember the Moon At The Mall, the Man Who Almost Died In Kate's Room, When I Hit A Car While Looking Like a Whore, and the Crazy Day At McDonalds? Well, I've got a new installment for you.
Miles and I were at Aspire, watching Kate do her gymnastics thing. We were supposed to meet Josh and my mom for dinner when she was done, so my mom met us at the gym. At precisely 5:00pm on a Friday no less, Miles took a nose dive into who knows what and ended up looking like this:
Well, it was way bloodier at first. When I tried to stop the bleeding, I lifted up that little flap and saw his adult tooth. As I said, it was 5:00 and neither our pediatrician nor dentist was open. I was concerned about the tooth thing, so after conferring with Astraea, we ended up at urgent care. The Cleanest Place On Earth.
Miles was unfazed and the doctor gave us some sage advice for our money.
"We can't stitch it up. I'll give you some antiseptic to swish in his mouth."
"He's two. He can't swish. Can I swab it on?"
"No. Just have him drink a lot of water and here's a prescription for an antibiotic if it gets puffy or yellow."
"So, there's nothing?"
"Follow up with your dentist."
"Really? Duh?"
After I bathed them in Purell, we went to dinner, but not before my mom got pulled over by a police officer. For having one of those covers on her license plate to get you out of the many camera tickets that both her and I are famous for. She said he was a cute little rookie with those neat sunglasses. He told her that he stopped her because only drug dealers use the plate covers anymore. She asked him if she fit the profile. In the end, he removed it for her. Little bugger.

Oh, and as an encore, Miles headbutted Josh yesterday at a restaurant and I spent 15 good minutes with a bloody towel and a wriggling boy trying to get it to stop. Appetizing.


Astraea said...

Oh Miles!!! Sorry if my advice was just a wasted co-pay!

Jen said...

How did you not mention all this to me this morning??? What a weekend!

Kristi said...

Poor Face. I've taken to calling him Face. Like the A-Team. :)

Carrie said...

Where was Josh? Is he all right? Is Miles allowed out of the house anymore??? Nice to know that the adult tooth is at least up there ... kindof like a preview of what's to come!!!

Cherie said...

Wow!!! Hopefully you will not have many trips to the urgent care. Boys are crazy, but SO much fun. That looked really painful. Love your stories.

Rachel said...

Ouch!!! Seriously, I cringed big time at that picture. And thanks for the old blog posts - I'd only read one before, so they were all hilarious. The one at McDonalds cannot be true! Crazy.

Dana said...

How come every time you need your doctor it's 5pm on Friday?? Miles, you are ready to be a stunt man. At least you can make money for your scars and pay your mom back for all the copays.

Klhark said...

So what did the dentist say?

Jenny said...

Well now I am finally caught up with your life. Where are you off to this weekend?